eBay registers ‘eBay Insights’ domains

eBay Headquarters

It looks like eBay wants to help people gain an even deep understanding of its auction website.

On September 19, eBay Inc registered six different ‘eBay Insights’ domain names such as and

eBay was recently in the news after it was announced it was building a new division to woo developers and attract merchants called X.commerce.  It appears these domain registrations may have something to do with reviving  If you pay a visit to the web site, you’ll see the word “insights”, for example, in the footer area of the home page where it says “Follow our insights”.

As X.commerce claims, “It provides merchants of all sizes and creative developers with easy access to the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies, and unprecedented power to innovate, compete and grow”.  eBayInsights will likely be a product of X.commerce.

At the time of this story going online, does not resolve to a web page.

Here are the six new names eBay registered. 

(Photo of eBay headquarters in San Jose, California via Coolcaesar)

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