Microsoft has something bigger planned for

Microsoft Answer Desk

If acquiring a bunch of domain names is any sign of a company’s plans to launch a service or product, then Microsoft may have something up its sleeve for On September 12, 2011, Microsoft Corporation took ownership of the domain  Before that, the domain was registered to NameRally,Inc. 

The name “Answer Desk” isn’t new to Microsoft.

Answer Desk is Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Genius Bar available in retail stores.  With the Answer Desk, you can make an appointment for a face-to-face session with a Microsoft Technical Advisor and get answers to technical questions about your PC, Xbox, or Zune.  The Answer Desk also performs diagnostics and repairs on-site. isn’t the only domain centered around “Answer Desk” that Microsoft has acquired in recent weeks, signalling its interest.  Just in the past week alone, Microsoft has acquired,,,, and (plural), to name a few.

Could the Answer Desk be seeing an expansion online as Microsoft continues its push to open more retail stores?

(Photo of Microsoft Answer Desk via Stone Tree)