Microsoft quietly launches Answer Desk for premium online technical support

Microsoft Answer Desk

Microsoft launched today – a premium service available on demand 24/7 that helps connect ‘Answer Techs’ with customers who need help diagnosing and troubleshooting their Microsoft software related issues. 

Although no official announcement has been made, the website went online earlier today.

The site is so new, there are no pages indexed in Google’s search engine yet, and only one page in Bing which points to ‘Answer Tech’ Randy Calcines

According to the Answer Techs page, you’re able to choose any one of Microsoft’s Answer Techs for a complimentary consult chat.  You are able to view their profiles and read about their service history and experience, before connecting.

Although little is indexed at the time of this story going online, as the hours pass, additional pages should be indexed by the search engines.

I wrote about Answer Desk, Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Genius Bar available in retail stores, back in mid-September after Microsoft took ownership of the domain  The week Microsoft acquired <>, it also acquired,,,, and (plural). 

None of the country domain names currently resolve to a web page and according to a commenter from outside the United States, the site is only accessible by people from the US.  Visitors are greeted with a message that reads: “Sorry, this site restricted to US visitors only”. 

A password-protected site has been online for most of the past week, until earlier today when the official site was revealed.

According to the About Us page: 

Answer Desk is a premium service provided by Microsoft to give you the most convenient, friendly and easy way to get the most out of your PC.  Answer Desk Answer Techs are trained to diagnose and troubleshoot your Microsoft software related issues. Answer Techs are also knowledgeable to train you in Microsoft’s latest software, such as Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Our Answer Techs will take care of your technology needs as quickly and easily as possible, so you can get back to your life.

Who are the Answer Desk Answer Techs?

Answer Desk Answer Techs are highly trained, and qualified in their domain of knowledge, including popular software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  In addition, they are professional, friendly, and dedicated to solving your PC issues without resorting to technology jargon.

With the site now online, I’m sure we can expect to see a press release soon by Microsoft.

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  1. It’s only accessible by people from US. “Sorry,this site restricted to US visitors only”

  2. Yvette Landry says

    I am trying to get rid of the Iphoto password. How do I do that ?

  3. drkdrgn61 says

    You know why they do it quietly? Let me fill you in. There product is garbage. It’s sole reason for existing is to keep all the personal data it can on you, as well as drain your pocket book as dry as it possibly can….Let me explain how these criminals work. Anti virus program after program out there. None work even 90% PC tune up..pc repair by the hundreds None of them work either. Now ask yourselves why are these products out there. Because MICROSOFT charges top dollar to put out operating systems full of faults on the market for us the Zombies of the world to purchase. The sad thing is we keep wasting our hard earned money on this garbage. I called support for a problem directly related to a flaw in Windows 7. These scum bags had the nerve to ask me for payment. I paid them alright. I just ordered a new MAC. When it gets here. This PC is going directly to be destroyed. The arrogance of Microsoft is disgusting. My FB MY space My forum my blogs and twitter will all be smashed with this incite. Let me see how many people I can get to follow me.