Why did Google buy Howtogomo.com?

Gmail email intervention

Google went off and purchased the domain names Howtogomo.com, Howtogomo.net, and Howtogomo.org this week.

I have no clue what to expect with these registrations, but I can imagine it may be another Google marketing campaign to convince people to use one of its products as it did with the web address EmailIntervention.com. 

The “Email Intervention” campaign (pictured above) went live in late July in an attempt by Google to attract more users to Gmail.  To date, almost 800,000 interventions have been sent according to the home page.

Maybe “GOMO” refers to “Get over it, Move on” and will be used somehow to draw new users to its Google+ social networking service. 

Who knows?

All three domain names were registered on September 1, 2011.