Amazon spins off Kindle Fire products into separate company called Seesaw?

Seesaw LLC

Amazon appears to be spinning off its Kindle Fire business under a separate new company called Seesaw.

According to recent trademark filings for the Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the applicant behind each application isn’t Amazon, it’s Seesaw LLC. 

All five trademarks were filed by Seesaw LLC and the attorney of record listed on each application is the same attorney as many of Amazon’s own filings:  Purvi J. Patel of Haynes and Booone, LLP.

While Amazon has made no public statement about this apparent spin-off, one can imagine if it really is the case of a separate company, it is so Amazon can make the necessary investments into its Kindle Fire and other mobile products that may be developed under Seesaw LLC.

There are currently five trademark applications by Seesaw LLC, all filed at the end of September with the USPTO.

AMAZON SILK Serial Number: 85435365
AMAZON SILK Serial Number: 85435357
KINDLE FIRE Serial Number: 85434021
KINDLE FIRE Serial Number: 85433969
KINDLE FIRE Serial Number: 85433968

[Update 1, October 8, 2011 1:03PM EST:  As CNN tech writer @MarkMilian points out in a tweet, “Amazon getting trademarks under a holding co. does not mean it’s splitting. Magic Trackpad registered to Slate Computing.”] 

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  1. I thiink they do the right thing. Stepping into tablet business, or whatever name they call it, will complicate their brand name and focus. Secondly when they begin to get third party manufacturers, spinning into a separate company will be less confusing.

  2. You’ve most likely have this backwards. Large companies often use small, dummy corps to register TMs and build IP portfolios in stealth and either transfer ownership afterwards are simply license them back — so that they can keep their plans a secret. I see ZERO evidence of a spin-off.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing Tweedle.  I’m guessing an Amazon spokesman may eventually make a statement as to whether it’s a spin-off, or nothing more than a dummy corp. 

  4. Could they have used that name so that they didn’t have to say Amazon in the filing?

  5. *HOW* did you get from the screenshot above to Amazon “spinning off kindle”?! Seriously, don’t write such completly uninformed, ridiculous tripe.