Google trademarks Showy for software that turns a device into a remote control

Showy Trademark

Late last month, Google registered the domain name   With such generic words in the name there was not much to go on.

But now, Google has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealing more details as to what “Showy” will be when it’s finally released.

The goods and services in the trademark application (Serial Number:  85570895), which was submitted on March 15, covers: “Downloadable software which allows users to use their computer, tablet device, or mobile phone as a remote control to operate video display devices and televisions; and downloadable software which allows users to remotely control the content on internet-connected digital signage.”

The information in the trademark filing sounds related to a Google patent which was recently talked about in news sites and blogs.

In February, Patently Apple reported that Google was developing a new remote for Google TV.

“The new remote will use voice controls associated with Google’s own cloud services. The user will be able to use their Android Phone as the remote to make inquiries about TV shows and the TV will list what’s available as illustrated in our cover graphic,” wrote Jack Purcher.

But of course, nothing is certain until Google actually releases Showy.

As of today, Google has made no official announcement on releasing Showy and the domain name does not resolve to a web page.

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  1. Mobile Tech TV says

    It’s really interesting – thanx for catching this! Along with the news of Microsoft’s patent for tv remote control software that allows users to pay to skip ads, Sony’s , and the resourceful ways app makers are turning phones into a remote, the competition for multiscreen attention is heating up!

  2. Mobile Tech TV says

    Not to mention today’s news that the BBC iPlayer will be available on XBox: