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ZeniMax Media files trademark for “Hearthfire” computer game software

Hearth Fire

Trademark applications keep rolling in.  Earlier this month, ZeniMax Media filed a trademark application for Dragonborn.  In April, the company filed for the dragon shout “Fus Ro Dah”.  Now, the company has submitted a new trademark application (Serial Number: 85634522) covering computer game software with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “Hearthfire”.

“Hearthfire” appears to be a reference to the skill book “2920, vol 09 – Hearth Fire” in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Skill books reward players with bonuses.  Hearth Fire is a conjuration skill book and is part of the twelve volume 2920 books.  The conjuration skill allows you to summon creatures from the dead or concoct ethereal weapons from soul energy.

Hearthfire is also the ninth of the 12 seasons in the Elder Scrolls universe.

The trademark application just appeared on the website of the USPTO today, and was originally filed on May 24, 2012.

At this point, it’s unknown whether Hearthfire will be for a new Skyrim DLC, a new video game, or something else.

Bethesda has made no official announcement as of yet.

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[…] ZeniMax has filed another Skyrim-related trademark covering computer game software with the USPTO. The filing is for Hearth Fire, which in the game is a skill book titled “2920, vol 09 – Hearth Fire”. The book is part of 12 volume series and beefs up your conjuration skills. The application was filed on May 24 and it’s unknown what the firm’s plans are for this exactly. It could be DLC or something else entirely. Thanks, Fusible. […]

I think that the safest bet to this is it’s probably Skyrim DLC. In the earlier elder scrolls games the month of Hearthfire was largely associated with High Rock due to the fact that all the holidays in this month are centered in High Rock. Most of these holidays have to do with daedra summoning. So a daedra summoning DLC located in High Rock? The province is small enough to be a DLC!!!

Hearthfire Skyrim DLC: Bethesda Trademarks ‘Hearthfire’? Are there lawyers Smoking Crack? Bad as when Marvel trademarked name Thor and the word Mutant. And it will be shock if it lasts half as long as Hearthfire a real world Term They did not INVENT

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