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Lucasfilm (parent of LucasArts) registers Ewok Village domain for unknown project

Ewok Village

It’s not everyday that Lucasfilm registers a new domain name.

The last time the company picked up anything of note was back in early May when the company registered eight domains related to Star Wars: 1313, which turned out to be a video game that is creating quite a buzz.  So, it may be worth paying attention to a domain name the company registered on August 20, 2012, through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company –

Ewok Village is the home of the furry Ewoks on the forest moon Endor.

While the domain may be nothing more than the company protecting its intellectual property or unannounced plans for a new action playset for the 2012 holiday season, it’s possible LucasArts could have an Ewok Village video game in the works.

For now, it’s all just speculation.

If you’re wondering why Lucasfilm didn’t register (no hyphen), that’s because the name was first registered back in 2005 by someone else.  Today, it’s a puppies website that has a picture of Ewoks on the homepage.

At the time of this story being published, the domain name does not resolve to a web page.

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(Image of Ewok Village via Wookieepedia)

2 replies on “Lucasfilm (parent of LucasArts) registers Ewok Village domain for unknown project” – it could be something like Cityville or SimCity Social games on Facebook. I don’t think that with that one domain, they will develop a full PC game…

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