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Lucasfilm secretly registers ‘Star Wars First Assault’ domain names

Star Wars First Assault

Lucasfilm, the parent company of LucasArts, appears to have another big project in the works, this one called “Star Wars First Assault” according to several domains the company secretly purchased this week.

On August 22, 2012, names like (Whois) and (Whois) were registered through the internet brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC).  And you can bet Lucasfilm is the registrant behind the names, as they are a well known client of CSC, which protects many of the world’s most valuable brands.  CSC is the same registrar responsible for managing flagship names like (Whois).

The fact the names were all privately registered, indicates the company is trying to keep the project under wraps for now.

Here’s the full list:

No trademark application has been filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office nor has the company announced anything about this project, so it’s unknown if it’s related to a video game, film, or some other Star Wars product.

The domains aren’t much help either.

At the time of this story, most of the names resolve to a blank web page.

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2 replies on “Lucasfilm secretly registers ‘Star Wars First Assault’ domain names”

Here’s to hoping it turns out to be a new Battlefront type game. Set in the Old Republic. With Revan. Oh and Mandalorians.

I’d love a heavily updated battlefront, but sadly I have a feeling that this is going to be F2P and online only, in which case I won’t be playing it. Until more details are announced, however, I’ll remain hopeful.

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