News Launches T-Shirt Website after Purchase of Domain for $11,505

Tweet.meAfter investing over $11,000 in the domain name, the owner has launched a website dedicated to twitter related t-shirts. Congratulations to the owner of this great name.

News of the purchase of the name had sparked some lively discussion over at DNUnderground, but apparently, the owner of had already been in discussions with Twitter and received approval to use the name.


We’ve Soft Launched One of Our First Big Sites:

"Student Loan center"We haven’t made a big marketing push yet to Banks or Issuers, but we’ve soft launched the Student Loan Center site so we can work on SEO and uploading content. 

We acquired on the domain aftermarket last year and even the type-in traffic is over a thousand visitors each month.  If you’re a domainer or webmaster and have advice on the best way to get quality listings, we’d love to hear from you.

We also acquired, shortly after we picked up the .com on NameJet. 

Obviously, the biggest challenge will be ensuring we have high quality listings and resources on the website, so we can have a trustworthy brand and that’s what we’re striving to do.  We were going to use our ‘Commission Junction’ account to post affiliate ads, but on the advice of other Domainers, we decided against it since we could probably generate more revenue through direct advertising.

The site has a long way to go, but if you have time, we’d appreciate your feedback.


Need to Sell Some of Your Domains to Yield Cash? Try Rick Latona’s Newsletter

We made a decision a few months ago to raise some cash, and the staff at have been great in assisting us with several transactions over the last few months.  We’ve been able to promptly sell several of our domain name assets and convert them into cash.  There are other fabulous companies out there that can help your business such as, but the quickest solution to liquidate we’ve found is through Rick Latona’s newsletter.  

Sure, we realize we may have gotten higher prices with patience and timing, but they’ve been able to help us raise some much needed cash.

Rick Latona’s company will serve as an Esrcow during the transaction which makes things very smooth.  If you want to submit domains to Rick’s newsletter, make sure you have a price in mind before you submit them.  Once you reach an agreement on price, they will promptly list your names in their newsletter and notify you right away if there is a Buyer.

Thanks to the staff at Rick Latona.


The incredible story of the “The Domain Game”

The Domain GameYou read about it everyday in the news, on the domain blogs, and it probably seems unreal: but a group of people who had the vision to invest in Internet Real Estate (also known as domains), have made millions.

What you probably don’t know is how they did it — and what each domainer went through in order to become so successful.

David Kesmodel, gives you an in-depth look in the domain game, how it started, the players, and much more.  Whether you’re a veteran domainer or a newcomer getting started, this book is a great reference to have handy. There’s a lot of information available in the book when you need it.

The cover price of the “The Domain Game” is $21.59 and available through