Amazon hints at Web Services Partner Network with domain registrations

With competition heating up between companies offering cloud computing services, it appears Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be launching its own partner network some time in the near future, according to a slew of domain registrations that include names like and … [Read more...]

Several Amazon Web Services Certified Samurai domain names registered

According to several recent domain registrations, it looks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) has something in the works. On December 22, Amazon's legal department registered new AWS domains with 'Certified Samurai' in the name. The domain registrations … [Read more...]

Amazon Web Services could offer microsites according to domain buys

It appears Amazon's suite of web services could be growing. According to some recent domain buys, Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be offering functionality or services to developers for microsites, beyond hosting. The company hasn’t made any official announcement as of yet, but Amazon's legal … [Read more...]

New service for Amazon’s cloud about to be directly exposed: DynamoDB

It looks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) will make available a feature called "DynamoDB", a service that has already been powering parts of AWS for years, but has never been directly exposed. While the company hasn't made any official announcement, the company registered the domain names … [Read more...]