Aron Meystedt’s gets another new look and feel

Aron Meystedt’s web site has received another small makeover in recent days. 

The internet site still has a blog section, but now when you type the URL into your address bar, you’ll be presented with a redesigned home page with affiliate advertising from the affiliate marketing company Commission Junction, who has partnerships with top-tier advertisers, including Apple itself.

The domain name was purchased by Aron Meystedt’s company in late 2010 for an undisclosed amount, which owns a number of premium domain names like,, and the first .com ever registered – 

Tablets are one of this year’s hottest products, after Apple announced the launch of its tablet device the iPad nearly one year ago today – and as expected, they’re taking a bite out of PC sales. 

As Geoff Duncan, a writer for Digital Trends pointed out this week, “Microsoft posted better-than-expected financial results for its holiday quarter, but admits Windows sales are being impacted by the popularity of tablets.”


Aron Meystedt’s gets a new look

After weeks of being nothing more than just a blog, Aron Meystedt of Investments unveiled a new site for one of the hottest domain names in 2010 and beyond,

The site now provides a comparison engine that helps visitors find tablets, compare prices, read reviews, and more.

How hot will tablets be in 2011?

Well, according to Facebook’s Top Status Trends of 2010, tablets are going to be hot. 

“iPad and iPhone4” came in at #4 as one of the fastest growing trends.

Facebook Top Status Trends 2010

Last January, didn’t even register a blip on  Less than a year later according to a rough estimate, visitors to the domain name number in the thousands. 

And now with a web site online, a comparison engine, and a Facebook page, expect 2011 to be a very good year for the domain name that sold in 2006 for a mere $50,500.

News to provide reviews, buying advice, news and more for tablet enthusiasts

ipad games

It’s been only a month since Aron Meystedt of acquired the category-killer domain name

So what’s in store for one of the hottest gadgets and domain names on the market?

Bill Kara of Hallpass Media whose casual game network receives over 3.5 million visitors monthly, suggested back in early November on Fusible that “should make a comparison engine and do some peer rankings to really get the SEO juice going.   I don’t think a blog is the best use of this type of domain IMO…”, he commented.

Aron responded that the blog is just temporary, and plans were underway for a comparsion engine and more. 

If you’ve visited recently, you’ll know the search is on for writers to write reviews, articles, news, buying advice, information and more.  Literally, anything about tablets.

Whatever site is ultimately launched, right now continues to show up on page 1 of Google for the search phrase ‘tablets’, and ranks above Apple, Amazon, RadioShack, Best Buy and other popular sites that sell tablets.