Who paid $500,000 for Gamesforgirls.com, the top-selling domain so far in 2011?

One thing is for sure: Bill Kara of Hallpass Media didn't pay $500,000 USD for the casual games domain name, gamesforgirls.com.  While the buyer may not be known as of yet, the seller is.  As pointed out by Jamie Zoch over at DotWeekly, what is known, is that the domain name was sold by Garry … [Read more...]

CookingGames.com makes a splash in its short time online, outpacing other Hallpass Media properties in traffic

Cookinggames.com is outpacing other Hallpass Media entertainment properties in visitor traffic according to the latest Compete rankings. When the domain name CookingGames.com sold in January 2010 for $350,000 through NoktaDomains, casual gaming was suddenly the talk of the town, with many domain … [Read more...]

Bill Kara’s Hallpass Media soft-launches casual gaming crown jewel: Dressup.com

Hallpass Media has soft-launched its "crown jewel" Dressup.com, a casual gaming website loaded with dress-up games.  The categories of games available range from world tour to celebrity, to careers and fashion, to family and makeover, along with a section that highlights the newest and most popular … [Read more...]

Bill Kara’s Hallpass Media Entertainment Network, one of the largest networks in the U.S.

Hallpass Media, a collection of casual gaming websites owned and operated by Bill Kara, is now one of the largest networks in the United States. According to Quantcast, the Hallpass Media network which includes websites like StickGames.com, Hallpass.com, GirlGames.com and more, is currently … [Read more...]

Tablets.com to provide reviews, buying advice, news and more for tablet enthusiasts

It's been only a month since Aron Meystedt of XF.com acquired the category-killer domain name Tablets.com.  So what's in store for one of the hottest gadgets and domain names on the market? Bill Kara of Hallpass Media whose casual game network receives over 3.5 million visitors monthly, … [Read more...]

The Perks of Writing a Blog about Domain Names

  You can read blogs about the domain industry, however, if you spend the time to write a blog about the domain industry, there are quite a few perks that often get overlooked.  Of course, getting long term sponsors like National A-1 and Domain Tools is a big plus, but the list of perks goes much … [Read more...]