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Bill Kara’s Hallpass Media Entertainment Network, one of the largest networks in the U.S.

Hallpass Media

Hallpass Media, a collection of casual gaming websites owned and operated by Bill Kara, is now one of the largest networks in the United States.

According to Quantcast, the Hallpass Media network which includes websites like,, and more, is currently ranked #1,381 in the U.S.

Unlike rough estimates provided by sites like Compete, Hallpass Media’s network traffic is directly measured by Quantcast. 

Since first tracking the network of sites back in January 2009, traffic has quickly climbed to nearly 4 million visitors per month, reaching nearly 3.8 million visitors globally in October 2010.

Soon enough, Bill Kara will be unveiling the crown jewel of Hallpass Media:  According to a rough estimate by Compete, (which is currently parked) receives nearly 60,000 unique visitors per month.

While an exact date for launching is not known, fully expect to see the Hallpass Media network to soar in the Quantcast rankings.