News Video Games makes a splash in its short time online, outpacing other Hallpass Media properties in traffic

cooking games is outpacing other Hallpass Media entertainment properties in visitor traffic according to the latest Compete rankings.

When the domain name sold in January 2010 for $350,000 through NoktaDomains, casual gaming was suddenly the talk of the town, with many domain investors clamoring over the price in the blogs and forums.  The online comments ranged from disbelief to shock.

Bill Kara, the President of Hallpass Media, even wrote a guest post on Larry Fischer’s blog over at titled: Amazing Guest Post by The Purchaser of – A Must Read

Bill started the story with the following statement: “If you think Hallpass Media paid alot for (350k) then you might be surprised at what we paid for…”

How has 2010 been for

Well, according to a rough estimate by Compete, the site that launched just over six months ago has experienced a +3,993.05% change in yearly traffic, with nearly 400,000 unique visitors per month (395,348 to be exact, as  of Nov. ’10).

Hallpass Media Traffic

For those of you that still haven’t seen what the Cooking Games web site is all about, you can better appreciate the site’s draw by visiting the Most Popular Games section and as the site says, bake a delicious treat for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, special occasion or just whenever.