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Cityville at 6MM daily users in 8 days: It’s the kind of thing that makes some domain sellers kick themselves


You may remember the story I wrote back in November about Zynga ready to break ground with its biggest social game yet: Cityville

Well, today TechCrunch is reporting that Cityville, Zynga’s newest game is already at 6,000,000 daily users in just 8 days.

In early November when I wrote about Ville-domains, was parked.   The domain name had been purchased at Moniker in June for $38,225.

Less than a week later after the story ran, Zynga revealed it had plans for another Facebook game and an “Under Construction” page went online. 

Now, just 8 days into its launch, the domain name which now re-directs to its application page on Facebook, is the fastest-growing game in Zynga’s history.

 Do domain name sellers (like the seller of kick themselves when they see this type of success?

Probably not, considering the seller got a $38,000 pay day for a name that probably only cost registration.  But you have to believe there is some level of regret, wondering if they had just held out a little longer what could’ve been.

In the last few weeks since my story on Ville domains ran, there have been a couple notable sales. sold at Sedo for $5,000 on Nov. 15 and sold for $550 a week later.

Neither name is registered to IP Cybercrime LLC, the company who is the registrant of  IPCybercrime LLC’s slogan is “Your Guys for Undercover Buys”.