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Cityville at 6MM daily users in 8 days: It’s the kind of thing that makes some domain sellers kick themselves


You may remember the story I wrote back in November about Zynga ready to break ground with its biggest social game yet: Cityville

Well, today TechCrunch is reporting that Cityville, Zynga’s newest game is already at 6,000,000 daily users in just 8 days.

In early November when I wrote about Ville-domains, was parked.   The domain name had been purchased at Moniker in June for $38,225.

Less than a week later after the story ran, Zynga revealed it had plans for another Facebook game and an “Under Construction” page went online. 

Now, just 8 days into its launch, the domain name which now re-directs to its application page on Facebook, is the fastest-growing game in Zynga’s history.

 Do domain name sellers (like the seller of kick themselves when they see this type of success?

Probably not, considering the seller got a $38,000 pay day for a name that probably only cost registration.  But you have to believe there is some level of regret, wondering if they had just held out a little longer what could’ve been.

In the last few weeks since my story on Ville domains ran, there have been a couple notable sales. sold at Sedo for $5,000 on Nov. 15 and sold for $550 a week later.

Neither name is registered to IP Cybercrime LLC, the company who is the registrant of  IPCybercrime LLC’s slogan is “Your Guys for Undercover Buys”.

11 replies on “Cityville at 6MM daily users in 8 days: It’s the kind of thing that makes some domain sellers kick themselves”

I picked up a ‘ville’ domain after your last post about these types of domains, I got – I’m looking for games with a scary theme to make a site with.  Could be great around Halloween especially.

I own, .net, .info & .org.  Thought this would make a great social networking site or social game site.

Come on, its domainers like you that make statements like “if he could of held on longer, never know what it could of been” that create greedy domainers in the domain community. I mean, you said yourself the previous owner probably got it for reg fee. A 100,000% return isn’t enough? Specially in these rough times? I am a domainer, developer and end user. Comments like these piss me off and piss me off even more whenever I try to acquire some cheesy domain for a project yet I get a 6 figure reply.

Give it to domainers to always want more and never just be happy with what they get.

It is now 12 million active players in Cityville and set to get higher everyday.
This game is complicated so you need a good guide to play it.
Good luck to all players.

Well said Attila,

I am also a developer and end user. The 6 figure reply happens to me so much, I coined a term for it here around the office; “Domain Fever”

Its a shame these people think their domains are worth so much, when truly they are mediocre.

Loss/Loss for everyone. They hold the name and don’t get paid and the name goes undeveloped.

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