$4.5 million domain name may switch owners soon

Apple iCloud

More details continue to emerge about Apple’s iCloud music service which reports say will be unveiled on the web at — a domain name the company reportedly paid $4.5 million for ownership of from Swedish cloud computing company Xcerion. 

According to a report on Thursday by BusinessWeek called ‘Apple’s Deals May Transform Digital Music’, the company could preview its cloud plans as early as June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The sold out Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place June 6-10, showcases the latest innovations and the newest technologies in iOS and Mac OS X.

That’s just a week away.

However, if the rumors are true that Apple will be running the service online at, the company is running short on time to have its website up and running. 

As many have already noted, the domain name is still registered to Xcerion and it continues to forward to Xcerion’s, an online digital storage service. 

   care of Network Solutions
   PO Box 459
   Drums, PA.  US  18222
   Domain Name: ICLOUD.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      care of Network Solutions
      PO Box 459
      Drums, PA 18222
   Record expires on 15-Jan-2018.
   Record created on 18-Dec-2007.

Has the deal fallen apart, or will the name finally switch hands in the coming days?

Apple’s own website has no information online about its icloud.  As of today, neither nor resolve to a working page.

[UPDATE May 31st, 2011:  Apple issued a press release announcing the company would unveil iCloud at the Worldwide Developers Conference beginning on Monday, June 6.]

[Photo of the Apple cloud via THEVILLE]


Hot Trends: Cloud domain names in 2011

cloud computing

A lot of writers are predicting hot trends for 2011 and one trend in particular that seems to stand out among many of the stories is “cloud computing”, a term that refers to accessing computer services over the internet or “cloud”.   The terms internet and cloud are interchangeable. 

Google Docs is a well known example of a cloud computing service.

While some critics say cloud computing is overhyped, it’s hard to argue against it with major service providers like Google and taking to the cloud.  Earlier this month, unveiled, the enterprise cloud database. 

Domain bloggers Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire and Mike Sullivan of Sully’s Blog have written about the domain.  The domain was purchased earlier this year by VMOps after it was put up for sale by Meetup Co-founder Scott Hieferman. 

Back in September, Peter Ulander, Chief Marketing Officer at (formerly VMOps) spent time answering Mike Sullivan’s questions on the domain and the business, which Mike posted online.  According to Peter Ulander, the decision to acquire the name has been paying dividends with traffic: “While I can’t share the specific volume, we are pleased with the increase in traffic since launching under the domain.  Our core traffic increased by more that 500% and, when compared to similar companies in our space, we are outperforming them on inbound traffic and time spent on site – meaning that we are hitting the decision makers in our space.”

Will Cloud domains be a hot trend in 2011?

Though the price of remains undisclosed, there were dozens of domain sales in 2010, with many looking to be bargain buys.  It will be interesting to see whether any of these names end up selling for a bigger return in 2011. 


Date Sold Price Location Aug 4,2010 $38,280.00 Sedo Sep 11,2010 29000 Sep 11,2010 $22,500.00 2010 $8,000.00 2010 $5,000.00 PvtSale 2010 $4,000.00 2010 $4,000.00 Sep 11,2010 $3,900.00 Sep 13,2010 $3,500.00 2010 $3,075.00 Sep 17,2010 $3,000.00 Sep 13,2010 $3,000.00 Sep 11,2010 $3,000.00 Sep 11,2010 $3,000.00 2010 $3,000.00 Sedo Sep 15,2010 $2,500.00 Sep 11,2010 $2,500.00 2010 $2,500.00 Sep 13,2010 $2,300.00 Sep 12,2010 $2,250.00 Sep 13,2010 $2,000.00 Sep 12,2010 $2,000.00 Sep 11,2010 $1,883.00 Sep 12,2010 $1,700.00 Sep 14,2010 1500 Sep 11,2010 $1,500.00 Sep 11,2010 $1,200.00 Sep 21,2010 $1,000.00 Sep 11,2010 $1,000.00 Sep 24,2009 $1,000.00

Do you own any cloud domains?  The only “cloud” name I own is, which I purchased on NameJet back in June 2008 after it had expired.