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EA follows up ‘Jet Set Detectives’ trademarks, with ‘JetSet Secrets’ filings


UPDATE – AUG. 29, 2012: Electronic Arts Inc. announced the first details regarding their newest Facebook game, JetSet Secrets.

ORIGINAL STORY: Electronic Arts earlier this week filed trademark applications for Jet Set Detectives and now the company has submitted two additional filings for ‘JetSet Secrets’.

The trademark filings (Serial Numbers: 85694205 and 85694206) cover online computer games and computer game software.

There’s not much speculation as to what Jet Set Detectives will be and it may be the same case for JetSet Secrets.

While it appears the video game company took steps to secure the domain name (Whois) through the brand protection company CSC Global, it didn’t act fast enough to register  According to Whois records, the name was registered this past May.  A website offering tips on obtaining the best international flight deals is what appears online as of today.

EA did however register the name in a number of different extensions.  It even picked up the dotXXX adult domain as shown in the screenshot below. Whois

Other domains registered include:

No announcement has been made by EA, but with the number of trademark filings appearing on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, it seems we can expect to hear something soon.

UPDATE: EA is investing big time in ‘JetSet Secrets’ related domain names.  After a little digging, I found more domains registered by EA.  Here’s a look at the list.

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