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Ubisoft Entertainment registers the domain name

Just Dance Propel

Back in mid February, Ubisoft reported its final sales figures for third quarter 2011-12 and its flagship game Just Dance was a “star performer”.  Around the same time, what was purported to be Ubisoft’s official 2012 release schedule was posted to the internet by Gameranx, which included a game titled Just Dance Final Party.  However, Ubisoft quickly shot down rumors saying the lineup was inaccurate to a number of sites that had published the list.

With such a strong franchise, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that the next Just Dance title is already in the works, but what could it be named?

How about Just Dance Propel?

According to Whois records, Ubisoft Entertainment registered the domain on March 2, 2012.

As for rumored titles like Just Dance Final Party and Just Dance Best Of, Ubisoft doesn’t seem all that interested. 

In fact, at the time of this story going online, neither of the domain names are registered.

Currently, resolves to a parked page on

Discussion: Joystiq, VG247 and N4G