Microsoft registers KillmsnNOW and other anti-msnNOW domain names

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched a new site called msnNOW, which serves up the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Twitter. The site's launch was followed by the registration of over a dozen anti-msnNOW domains like, and some other names that … [Read more...]

Microsoft acquires and other Halo related domain names

Microsoft has made some interesting domain name acquisitions this month that might create excitement for Halo fans. And I'm not talking about names like Halo 13 or Halo Kinect 3D, I'm talking about names like and  According to Whois records, Microsoft is now … [Read more...]

Top 10 Stories of 2011: #1 New Microsoft social networking service discovered

The absolute biggest story of 2011 here on Fusible was the discovery of Microsoft's new social network, which is now officially called (pronounced "social"). The article racked up some nice social media statistics for a smaller tech news blog: over 600 tweets, nearly 500 Facebook Likes, and … [Read more...]

Microsoft using domain hack for private beta of its new social network

If you have been hoping to catch a glimpse of Microsoft's new social network, called Socl, you won't have any luck with the web address  The service, which is in private beta, is currently only available to a very limited audience.   The domain, which I first discovered back in … [Read more...]

Microsoft quietly launches Answer Desk for premium online technical support

Microsoft launched today - a premium service available on demand 24/7 that helps connect 'Answer Techs' with customers who need help diagnosing and troubleshooting their Microsoft software related issues.  Although no official announcement has been made, the website went online … [Read more...]

Neither Sony, Nintendo, nor Microsoft own the domains for their next consoles

The console wars are heating up, but there's just one problem: the three major companies don't own the matching domains to their next-generation consoles. Nintendo doesn't own, Sony doesn't own, and Microsoft doesn't own Will the companies submit a domain … [Read more...] Is Microsoft creating a new incubator for ideas on search?

Microsoft is always trying to gain more of the search market share, and with competitors like Google and Yahoo!, it may be turning to a broader audience to find new technologies to incorporate into its own search engine. So is Microsoft planning to launch an incubator focused on Bing like it has … [Read more...]

Microsoft to release the Xbox Kinect Accelerator; it registered the domains

With the one year anniversary of the debut of the Kinect taking place earlier this month, a lot of news has been coming out on the motion sensing device for the Xbox 360. One of the announcements is that the Kinect SDK for Windows, which enables developers to create new uses for the Kinect, will … [Read more...]

Microsoft developing “30 to Launch” Windows Phone app, but what is it?

Microsoft appears to be developing a new Windows Phone app called '30 to Launch'. On November 4 according to WHOIS records, Microsoft registered the domain names,,, and All of the domains were registered … [Read more...]

Microsoft may launch a living monument online for Halo: Combat Evolved remake

[Updated, Nov. 1, 2:40pm EST: The Halo Monument website went online, temporarily.  I took a screen shot before the site was taken down by Microsoft.] ** Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is set to be released on November 15th for the Xbox 360. Earlier this week, Microsoft registered the … [Read more...]