A flurry of Navy SEAL domain names registered after the killing of bin Laden

As one might expect, with the Navy SEALs being in the news after killing Osama bin Laden, the number of Navy SEAL domain names being registered has soared. The latest stories of Disney abandoning its trademark application on SEAL Team 6 and news of Columbia Pictures set to debut the first film in … [Read more...]

Dept. of the Navy files trademark for “SEAL Team” following news of Disney’s “SEAL Team 6” filing

A recent trademark filing from Disney for SEAL Team 6 was reported by MediaBistro on May 13.  The story sparked interest and news stories internationally.   There was speculation among journalists and bloggers about Disney's plans for the trademark.  The applications range from clothing and toys … [Read more...]

Former SEAL operator lets several names expire like NavySEALTeam6.com

According to his bio on the LinkedIn website, Mark Matzeldelaflor, was a SEAL operator with SEAL Team 5.  His skills include unconventional warfare, mobility operations, surveillance & reconnaissance, demolition, counter terrorism, wilderness survival and other military expertise.  But along … [Read more...]