GoDaddy uses Twitter for customer service, not just for marketing its services and products

GoDaddy Twitter

GoDaddy, the web’s largest domain registrar, uses its @GoDaddy Twitter account to help customers on a range issues with web hosting and domain names.  

Customers follow @GoDaddy, then send information through a private message (formerly called a Direct Message) to GoDaddy’s Twitter account.  While helping out customers with their issues, GoDaddy is also able to build up its following, since you cannot send a direct message to a user who is not following you.

Domain Registrars on Twitter

@GoDaddy isn’t the only domain registrar on Twitter, but it’s one of the only registrars that helps customers resolve problems through Twitter.  Other registrars use Twitter as a means for marketing their services.

Domain registrar Fabulous who use @Fabulousdotcom, haven’t  tweeted in over a month.  Messages are far and few between, and when they are posted, they usually involve messages about services or promotions.  Fabulous only has around 300 followers.

Enom, another popular domain registrar uses @Enom for its Twitter account.  The company uses Cotweet for posting tweets, but doesn’t publicly interact with other Twitter users often.  Like Fabulous, Enom tweets about promotions and other services it provides, including tips on domain names.  Enom has just under 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Moniker is one of the better Twitter users out of the bunch.  The domain registration company that also runs SnapNames, tweets using @MonikerSnap.  Though Moniker only has about 1,300 followers, it does provide a certain level of customer service through its Twitter account.  As little as 11 hours ago, the company tweeted @PeterC saying: “I will escalate this issue and get more details. I understand your concerns-well warranted.”  @PeterC had posted a blog online shortly before Moniker responded, entitled: Moniker Deactivated My Domain 26 Days BEFORE The Expiration Date” that outlined his issue

Network Solutions also does much of the same as GoDaddy, describing itself on its Twitter account (@Netsolcares) as: “Real Person support – Looking forward to your questions and conversations! Need 24/7 help?”.  The company has just over 4,000 followers on Twitter.

Which domain registrar has the best use of Twitter?

There are dozens of more registrars on Twitter, but just a quick look indicates @GoDaddy to be the heaviest Twitter user.  With GoDaddy, it’s not all about marketing and promotions, it’s about customer service. 

That’s not to say that GoDaddy doesn’t use Twitter for marketing, it just doesn’t use its most recognizeable Twitter account to do so. 

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Have you had a good or bad experience with domain registrars on Twitter?  Let me know in the comments.