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Ubisoft adds many “online” domains like,

Rainbow Six Online

Last year, Ubisoft revealed it would launch the free-to-play PC game Ghost Recon Online some time in 2012 that will be supported by micro transactions.  The free-to-play model has been part of Ubisoft’s counter to the piracy problem.

Now, Ubisoft has gone off and registered a dozen domains with “online” in the name like (Whois) and (Whois), hinting at the possibility of releasing several more free-to-play versions of its games.

The list of newly registered domains includes:

All of the domains appear to have been registered on June 27, 2012.  According to Whois History, many of the names had been registered before, but then expired and became available again.

While none of these titles have been officially confirmed by Ubisoft, the company did announce that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online would also be released on the Wii U.  So, it’s entirely possible if these games see the light of day, once Ubisoft gets the games right on the PC, it will launch them on the Wii U as well.

Currently, each domain name resolves to a parked page on

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