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Ubisoft registers domain


Ubi-this.  And Ubi-that.  Video game publisher Ubisoft has registered a new domain name this week:

According to Whois records, Ubisoft Entertainment purchased the name on March 29, 2012.

It’s unknown what the future will bring for Ubiloud.  As of right now, the domain name does not resolve to a web page.

In a recent interview with Pocket-lint, Chris Early, head of digital at Ubisoft, said the company will launch a cloud-based storage system that will allow players to save game data across multiple devices such as an iPhone and iPad.

Could Ubiloud be the name of the new cloud-based storage service?

That’s probably a stretch.  But with already owned by someone else, anything is possible, including the name being nothing more than a defensive purchase to prevent others from owning the name.