Prequel will be called 300: The Battle of Artemisium according to domains

It appears Warner Bros. Pictures has finally settled on a title for the prequel to 300 after kicking around several working titles like 300: Battle of Artemisia. According to newly registered domain names, the film studio will go with the rumored title 300: The Battle of Artemisium. On January … [Read more...]

WB Games planning GreyFoundry video game according to trademark, domains

It appears Warner Bros. may be developing a new video game called GreyFoundry. On December 15, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. filed four separate trademark filings (85493271, 85493265, 85493259 and 85493253) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, two of which cover video game … [Read more...]

New Cartoon Universe game? Warner Bros. hints with domains [UPDATED]

Is Warner Bros. planning to launch a massively multiplayer online game or social game called "Cartoon Universe"? Well, if new domain name registrations are any indication of a company's future plans, it appears a new multiplayer online game could be in the works. On November 29, … [Read more...]

Slew of ‘Justice League Heroes’ domains registered by brand protection company

In 2006, Warner Bros. Games released Justice League Heroes, a video game based on the DC Comics' Justice League of America. Fast forward five years later to November 30, 2011, and a slew of 'Justice League Heroes' domains have been newly registered like and … [Read more...]