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Back in July, Mike Berkens of The Domains wrote a story entitled The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? The story examined who owned some of the best 3D domain names (which suprisingly isn’t any of the heavyhitters you might expect like Kevin Ham or Rick Schwartz).  In his article, Mike Berkens says the 5 Star domain in the 3D space is, which at the time of the story was parked at Network Solutions.

That has changed. is no longer parked and now delivers an amazing presentation as to why companies should combine with their marketing programs. 

The presentation is about a minute long and goes into statistics and details about 3D tvs, 3D displays, 3D movies, 3D video games, 3D gaming, and even the 3D CAD market.

3D Trend

The popularity and possibilities that films like Avatar have brought to the 3D Market, particularly with domain names has created significant opportunities for investors. 

Stephen Douglas of Success Click was not a late-adopter to 3D domains and has opened up his blog site to discuss this powerful medium.

While I have cut back on hand registering domain names in the past year, after reading these stories, it’s been difficult to not register at least one domain name.  The challenge was finding one – they’re going fast, but I did register  I tried for, but that name has been registered since 2005.

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Yo my good friend! Thanks for the plug dude!  Keep trying for those 3D OOTB’s… but try “hologram” as the noun – because that’s the next step after 3D- and will migrate directly from it.

Nice article, and lots of people appreciate it!

Great to hear from you, Stephen.  And thanks for the nice comments.  Enjoying your 3D articles and especially the tips.

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