Recent sales of Facebook, iPhone, and Twitter domain names

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Since its launch Flippa has been a goldmine for domain and web site owners who quickly flip for cash. 

Although there are a large number of people selling legit properties, there are others who sell questionable sites and domain names.  And while not every listing is necessarily a violation, either way, the demand continues to grow on the Flippa marketplace for all things Google, Apple and of course social networking: particularly Twitter and Facebook.

While most might call it risky behavior to flirt with trademark violations, the latest sales data over at Flippa indicates not much is going to change anytime soon.

Deals are getting done despite potential problems down the road for new owners. 

In case you’re wondering what’s been selling, here’s a look at some of the recent sales of Facebook, iPhone and Twitter domain names/web sites sold through Flippa. sold for $1,400 today sold for $41 yesterday sold for $610 yesterday sold for $350 yesterday sold for $225 on Nov. 19 sold for $1,010 on Nov. 19 sold for $77 on Nov. 18 sold for $100 on Nov. 17