Aron Meystedt of Investments acquires

Aron Meystedt who owns the first domain name ever registered on the internet (, has acquired the domain name, according to the web site.

Aron’s company Investments, a domain holding and development company, also acquired in a recent deal. already has a WordPress site online that provides news and reviews of tablet pcs.   While the sale price of the domain is undisclosed, last traded owners publicly in 2006, when the domain name sold at Moniker/Traffic for $50,500. Investments Making Buzz

Aron’s company made quite a buzz in 2010 with the 25th birthday celebration of the internet. was the subject of dozens and dozens of articles from heavy hitting news sources like TechCrunch and BusinessWeek. Investments is continuing to expand, and is the perfect name to grow its business with the tablet being the next hottest gadget to hit the market in years – made hugely popular earlier this year with the launch of Apple’s iPad.

Whether the acquisition is a name the company will be ‘holding’ or ‘developing’, the tablet market is getting ready to explode with more players entering the market and more consumers looking to make the switch from the traditional pc. 

According to PCWorld:

The iPad started shipping in April and became an instant hit, and Apple reported selling more than 7 million iPads by the end of September. But companies such as Samsung and Toshiba are knocking on the door, and will soon release Android tablets that include features the iPad doesn’t have.

About Investments Investments is a domain holding and development company specializing in top-tier premium domain names. Our interests include the purchase and development of short, one-word .com domains as well as two-letter .com domains.

Our company owns — the very first domain ever registered on the Internet. was registered on March 15, 1985 and it is still in use by us today. is interested in top “brand names” and we have amassed a great portfolio of top brands as listed at the right. We believe a top domain name brand is vital to your success online.

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Aron is begging Google AdSense team to close his account by adding the wise “ Buying” & “Sponsors” headings above the ads since it’s 100% against AdSense TOS. I hope he removes asap.


Nice buy in a growing market. They should make a comparison engine and do some peer rankings to really get the SEO juice going. I don’t think a blog is the best use of this type of domain IMO

I bet this name went for over 500k. If you have a tablet domain name don’t sell it everyone wants to own tablet names. My guess this will worth 50 million some day.

WOW. Just incrdible. What a great domain name to own.

Talk about a smart move. Owning the generic domain name will probably be like owning or in the future. Any idea on what the paid for this name. Funny how no other blogs are talking about this. They are probably upset that they did not buy this name.

[…] But there’s one domain owner who won’t have to worry about a battle – he’ll just have to worry whether to turn down huge offers or to develop the domain name into the top online tablet webiste – Aron Meystedt of XF Investments who owns    As I reported in the beginning of November 2010, Aron who also owns the first .com domain ever registered (, acquired […]

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