Juggle.com acquires Debate.org from WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira


Juggle.com, the company that builds and creates websites focused on engaging users with quality content, acquired the website Debate.org from WebCorp owner Philip Ferreira.   As reported here, a few weeks ago, Debate.org sold on Flippa for $130,000.


Juggle CEO Stephanie Leffler and President Ryan Noble, founded the company in 2008 after selling their ecommerce platform MonsterCommerce, to Network Solutions in 2006.  According the company’s info page: “In the last year, Ryan Noble and Stephanie Leffler’s leadership has helped Juggle.com surge from 400,000 monthly unique visitors to 1.7 million. Their dedication to publishing has grown the site from a mere 150,000 pages of information to 8.3 million and counting. The company has even grown beyond the flagship site, adding on MonsterMarketplace.com and ScalableWorkforce.com in the last year.”

Juggle Debates

Juggle updated its own home page and Debate.org.  The Debate.org About page now reads: “Debate.org was acquired by Juggle LLC in the winter of 2010. Juggle builds and creates websites heavily focused on engaging users with quality content, organized information and useful features. Moving forward, Juggle will focus on improving the site by expanding the debate platform to allow multiple debate formats, enhance usability and design, and improving member profiles and features.”

Juggle already runs its own online debates,  covering a variety of topics like politics and religion, on debates.juggle.com.

WebCorp Auctions

Philip Ferreira the President of WebCorp who sold Debate.org to Juggle, has been using Flippa in an attempt to sell off several of his company’s assets in order to focus on DORK.com (a social gaming web site with over 1,000,000 games played).  Auctions have included: Debate.org, Dontvote.org, Swap.net, NewCars.org, and others.

The public auction for Swap.net, a proprietary swapping classified Website like CraigsList ended at $8,000 – failing to meet its reserve price in early December.  Dontvote.org sold for $2,100.   The auction for Newcars.org ended on November 25, but failed to meet its reserve price.  The auction ended with 4 bids, with the high bid coming in at $20,000.

Philip Ferreira recently listed some not-so-premium names up for sale including a group of dating names: DateFree.net, DateFree.org, DateFree.us, and DateFree.biz.  Bidding at $11, the lot of names already reached their reserve price.   In addition to the dating names, Philip listed TheWimp.com which is already bidding above its reserve at $65.