Something fishy about the “Most Active” auction on Flippa bidding at $830,000?

Flippa Most Active Acction

A number of users are voicing their opinion and displeasure on what is the “Most Active” auction currently over at Flippa.  The bidding price, which has topped $800,000 for a website that claims to make thousands monthly by selling iPads and iPhones – is just another indication that some Flippa users are clearly irritated with the listing.   

In addition to what appears to be artificial bidding by upset Flippa users, many have left comments on the listing.

What’s the issue?

What’s at issue here are some of the claims made by the seller, which include an Alexa Rank of 2,097 and over 500,000 unique visitors per month. 

The site being put up for auction is, which is hosted on Yola, a popular website builder and hosting service that was started in 2007., is the website with the Alexa rank of 2,097, not the sub-domain as one reader commented: “… has an alexa ranking of 2,097, not your site”.

The traffic and Alexa ranking claims are just the tip of the iceberg.  

Users chimed in with a laundry list of issues in the comments section which include: how could someone buy iPads for $200 for resale, how come there is no checkout on the site, why is the seller’s eBay user id is new with zero feedback?  And on and on.

As one user writes to the seller in the comments: “Well so far you have a bunch of shill bidders, who aren’t going to pay you $10 let alone a quarter of a million dollars. The sad part of this is, that these sales just make a poor impression on Flippa than anything.”

Flippa isn’t perfect, but it could probably improve its system when it comes to certain types of listings.  

In March 2010, Flippa was credited with selling at public auction for $250,000 – it’s biggest sale at the time, since the site launched in 2009. 

Is this listing for, really legit?

Whatever this listing is, it’s certainly upsetting several Flippa users.

UPDATE:  Since this story went online earlier this morning, the auction listing has now been removed.

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