Founded by former TechCrunch writer, The Inquisitr sells for $330,000 on Flippa

The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr ( founded by former TechCrunch writer and b5media co-founder Duncan Riley in May 2008, sold for $330,000 USD on Friday.

The site went up for sale on Flippa a week ago. 

In the last 6 months, it has run in the 7-8 million page view range based on statistics provided in the auction listing.  In terms of revenue, the site generated $15,449 per month in income based on an average over the last 12 months.

According to a post on The Inquisitr’s website, it sounds like Duncan is close to a near internet meltdown and just needs to disconnect for awhile. 

“Due to personal issues I need a break, and when I say break, I mean a full blown not be on the internet break. The site stats (traffic and revenue) continue to pay my bills, but you get to a point in your life that you know you need proper time off before you ended up committed with head problems, and I’m at that stage now,” wrote Duncan.

According to Wikipedia, in 2002 he launched The Blog Herald.  Then in 2005, he launched Weblog Empire which became part of b5media (another company he co-founded).  He joined TechCrunch in 2007, then resigned a year later in order to launch The Inquisitr.