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Battlefield 3

Updated July 15, 2011:  The web address no longer re-directs.  Activision has filed a complaint over  The domain dispute has been posted online.


The saga of the web address, which is not owned by Activision, has been a story filled with bizarre twists.

And if you thought the battle over first person shooters between Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 and EA’s Battlefield 3 was interesting, type into your web browser. 

As of today, the web address takes you to the official website of EA’s Battlefield 3, Activision’s rival.

Last week, I was able to piece together a storyline after keeping an eye on the domain name for months. 

What started as an unofficial fan site, quickly turned into an anti-Call of Duty site.

WARNING — THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER SEIGE, read a message at the top of the homepage up until days ago.

The anonymous owner of the web address, has taken their sense of humor and anger one step further, by re-directing the domain to

The redirection started after the site was suspended yesterday by web hosting provider iPage.

It’s unknown why iPage suspended the website, but a Google search shows iPage has shutdown other sites in the past after receiving complaints.  It could also be that the website needed its own dedicated server due to internet traffic, something the owner may not have been willing to pay for.

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