Nintendo finally files trademark applications for Wii U in the U.S.

Nintendo Wii U controller

Nintendo has filed nearly 20 trademark applications (several including images) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the word Wii U.

The goods and services cover a broad range of items from consumer video game machines to trading cards.

Filing trademark applications is one thing, but not owning the domain name is still a problem for Nintendo.   In June, according to a rough estimate provided by the analytics website Compete, traffic to the website was over 3,000 visitors.  Prior to that,, whose owner is hidden behind Whois privacy, registered zero visitors. is currently a affiliate site that displays videogame and console ads.

Here’s an abbreviated look at some of the trademark applications all filed on August 9, 2011 by Nintendo with a priority date of June 3, 2011.

Serial Number: 85393202
Issuance of point cards; advertising and publicity services or providing information therefor; issuance of trading stamps or providing information therefor; implementing promotional prize drawings, quiz programs, raffle tickets, questionnaires and games, or providing information therefor;

Serial Number: 85393204
Telecommunication via electronic bulletin boards or providing information therefor; communication via consumer video game machines; providing information on communication via consumer video game machines;

Serial Number: 85393212
Providing images via communication with hand-held game machines with liquid crystal displays; providing images via communication with arcade video game machines; providing images via communication with consumer video game machines;

Serial Number: 85393213
Clothing for domestic pets; bags and the like; pouches and the like; unfitted vanity cases; umbrellas; walking sticks; bags and luggage, namely, shoulder bags, handbags, purses, carry-on bags, carrying cases, tote bags, backpacks, athletic bags, gym bags, traveling bags, duffel bags, satchels, school bags, school book bags;

Serial Number: 85393218
Clothing; waistbands; belts for clothing; shoes and boots; sportswear; shoes for sports other than horse-riding boots; masquerade costumes; clothing, namely, bandanas, coats, infant wear, jackets, jerseys, mufflers, pajamas, pants, scarves, shirts, shorts, sleepwear, socks, sweatshirts, sweat pants, swimwear, T-shirts, tops, underwear, vests, warm-up suits, wrist bands;

Serial Number: 85393191
Card games and their components; hand-held game machines with liquid crystal displays; protective films for liquid crystal display of hand-held game machines; AC adapters for hand-held game machines with liquid crystal displays; parts and fittings for hand-held game machines with liquid crystal displays; other toys; toys for pets; dolls; Go games; Japanese playing cards, also known as Utagaruta;

Serial Number: 85393180
Note books; mechanical pencils; other stationery and study materials; trading cards; magazines (publication); catalogues; pamphlets; other printed matter including books, booklets, manuals, posters regarding video games, calendars, game cards, greeting cards, trading cards, stickers and sticker albums; photographs; photograph stands, namely photo frames; banners of paper; flags of paper; pre-paid value cards and gift cards

Serial Number: 85393173
Consumer video game machines fitted with a camera function; consumer video game machines; programs for consumer video game machines;

Discussion: Kotaku and Nintendo Everything