Ahead of rumored E3 reveal, Microsoft goes after XboxMusic.com [UPDATED]

Xbox Music E3 reveal

UPDATE 1 July 5, 2012:. Microsoft has won the domain dispute for XboxMusic.com.  A National Arbitration Forum panel has ordered the domain name transferred from Wang Shiguo to Microsoft Corporation.

ORIGINAL STORY:. Last month, The Verge reported that Microsoft will offer a sneak peek at its Zune replacement (codenamed “Woodstock”) during E3 2012.

With E3 right around the corner, it appears Microsoft is somewhat planning ahead of its new Xbox Music service reveal, by filing a complaint (Case Number 1445087) with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain name XboxMusic.com.

The domain name dispute proceedings commenced this week along with a separate case over xbox8.org, xboxcompanion.com, xboxlivetv.com, xboxphone.com, and xboxtablet.com.

Microsoft Corporation also filed another complaint (Case Number: 1445084) against the owner of xbox8.us which currently hosts a Chinese-written blog that even discusses the xbox8.org domain dispute.

Xboxmusic.com (Whois) does not resolve to a web page at the time of this story.

Insiders told The Verge, “Woodstock will be a cross-platform play, available to Windows 8, Android, iOS, and Xbox users — playable from a browser”.

(Image of E3 2011 via Xbox.com)


  1. If a corporation like Microsoft wants your domain name, give up.