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Kindle Print Replica Book

Amazon registered several new domains recently for its latest offerings like Kindle Print Replica Content. 

The registrations included curious names like, an apparent reference to Amazon’s wholly owned subsidiary a2z Development Center which develops and launches new businesses for Amazon in a matter of months.

The latest slew of domains added to Amazon’s portfolio include: 

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Evidence on next Kindles being named after elements like Earth, Water, Air


In early August I wrote about Amazon acquiring the domain name for possible use with its next generation of Kindle devices. 

After a little domain sleuthing, the pieces of the puzzle appear to be falling into place and it looks like Amazon will be using elements like Earth, Water, Air and more, to name its next line of Kindles. was the first hint, but I’ve now discovered that Amazon has secretly acquired the domain names, and — both domain names were acquired on July 6, 2011.  

Although both domains are registered at Go Daddy and hidden behind its privacy service Domains by Proxy, it’s simple to reveal Amazon as the owner by using Go Daddy’s public Account Retrieval System, which in June finally addressed other privacy issues with the tool.

All one has to do is simply try and retrieve a customer number online from Go Daddy’s main website (as shown in the picture below).  You select a product from a list (for example “Domain Name”), enter your email address, then enter a security access code by retyping the graphic number shown on the screen.

If everything is a successful match, a “Process Complete” message is displayed indicating the information requested will be sent to the email address entered.  I used hostmaster@, the e-mail address Amazon regularly uses when registering domain names through its various registrars including MarkMonitor and Go Daddy.

If something is entered wrong, a message displays stating for example, “Email address not found”.

For both and, the retrieval process was successful and a “Process Complete” message was displayed. 

Process Complete

So, just to add a little more fuel to the Kindle rumor fire, it appears Amazon will be using these names for a possible Kindle product line.  Similar types of names might also be used like Kindle, which DNW wrote about yesterday.

Using Go Daddy and its privacy service, is the same secret method Amazon used before launching its Cloud Reader service in order to keep the product under wraps.  The company registered in late June but didn’t reveal itself as the owner until it unveiled the service in August.

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Amazon buys ‘cloud video’ domains to support its instant video service

Amazon Instant Video

On Thurday, Amazon announced that its Instant Video service  was now offering customers more than 100,000 movies and TV shows.

A day before the announcement, the company’s legal department was quietly registering related domain names from to, with its registrar MarkMonitor.

The company picked up a dozen domains centered around its Instant Video service.

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The incredible story of the “The Domain Game”

The Domain GameYou read about it everyday in the news, on the domain blogs, and it probably seems unreal: but a group of people who had the vision to invest in Internet Real Estate (also known as domains), have made millions.

What you probably don’t know is how they did it — and what each domainer went through in order to become so successful.

David Kesmodel, gives you an in-depth look in the domain game, how it started, the players, and much more.  Whether you’re a veteran domainer or a newcomer getting started, this book is a great reference to have handy. There’s a lot of information available in the book when you need it.

The cover price of the “The Domain Game” is $21.59 and available through