Top 10 Stories of 2011: #6 Speculating on the next Kindle to be released by Amazon

When Amazon began slashing prices on its refurbished Kindle 3 models, tech sites began speculating that Amazon would release a new Kindle.  That's when I started paying more attention to Kindle related domain names, as I quickly found out readers eat this type of news up. My first big story days … [Read more...]

Evidence on next Kindles being named after elements like Earth, Water, Air

In early August I wrote about Amazon acquiring the domain name for possible use with its next generation of Kindle devices.  After a little domain sleuthing, the pieces of the puzzle appear to be falling into place and it looks like Amazon will be using elements like Earth, Water, … [Read more...]

Does Amazon’s domain registration hint at the next Kindle?

Rumors of a new Amazon Kindle have been brewing over the last week since prices were slashed on refurbished Kindle 3 models. Now the company has made a few domain purchases in the past few days centered around the word Kindle. Two of its purchases, and … [Read more...]