Top 10 Stories of 2011: #6 Speculating on the next Kindle to be released by Amazon

When Amazon began slashing prices on its refurbished Kindle 3 models, tech sites began speculating that Amazon would release a new Kindle.  That's when I started paying more attention to Kindle related domain names, as I quickly found out readers eat this type of news up. My first big story days … [Read more...]

Amazon acquires

Amazon is overflowing with all sorts of Kindle products from the all-new Kindle Fire tablet to the Kindle e-reader. So what's in store next for the Kindle family?  Well, according to a recent domain name acquisition by Holdings, it's possible an online tutoring service or app is on … [Read more...]

Amazon registers the domain name [UPDATED]

For future projects or just as part of its intellectual property strategy to defend its various brands, Amazon registers new domain names all the time. So, it's anyones guess as to what's behind each purchase. On October 6, Amazon registered the domain name through … [Read more...]