Sedo Press Service: Backlinks from a Major Domain Company to Domain Industry Blogs

"Sedo Press Service"
With more than 1.4 million member accounts from around the world, Sedo is the world's leading marketplace for domain names. Sedo's own Press Service backlinks to Domain Industry blogs including the popular DNJournal written by Ron Jackson.

If you weren’t aware of Sedo’s Press Service, it’s a page on Sedo’s website that provides up-to-date news on hot topics and domain industry trends.

The page includes backlinks to a number of Domain Industry stories written by bloggers listed on Francois Carrillo’s – including Mike Berkens’, Elliot Silver’s and a number of other sources including Business Wire. 

If you are planning on starting a blog or whether you already write a blog, getting backlinks from a reputed company like Sedo can help you get traffic and it’s great overall exposure for your website.

Our recent story on the sale of for $17,000 and other interesting sales was well received by Sedo, judging by the backlink on Sedo’s Press Service page.

Starting a Domain Industry Blog

While there’s no shortage of blogs written about SEO and web development, there is a shortage of blogs covering the Domain Industry. 

If you want to start a blog, one of the first steps to building an audience is getting listed on  Getting listed isn’t free, but it’s well worth the cost, as Francois Carrillo’s website aggregator will keep readers returning to your site, again and again.

To submit your blog for consideration to, email [email protected]


Never-Before Released .ME Domains at Auction:,,, (more)

The .ME registry held back several premium .ME names and every once in awhile, dozens of the premium names go up for auction.  .ME domains are not for everyone, but they definitely have social appeal and make easy domain hacks since the character extensions can be used to create a phrase like:  Domainers like Bruce Marler run businesses on .ME.  Even major brands such as WordPress ( and Facebook ( use the extensions to promote their products. 

While every extension has its backers, there certainly seems to be interest in .ME.  Previous sales include ($70,000), ($22,500), ($20,100), ($17,500), ($12,000) and ($10,000). 

While many of those sales sit parked, actually launched a website which is currently in Private Beta called – Real Estate Gone Social.  The sales pitch for the site is:

Show.Me is taking online real estate to the next level! Since we are all different, it’s only natural that we would have different real estate needs. Show.Mm is the first online real estate platform that personalizes your user experience and brings you the answers, connections and tools you need. Even if you are not Internet savvy, Show.Me provides you a step by step guide to taking full control of your real estate activities easily.

Unreleased .ME Domains at Auction
NameJet is holding a .ME auction for domain names that have never been released.  The auction starts February 19th, but you can start bidding now.  Here’s a sample of the names going for auction:

News Video Games

Coincidence? Shortly After our Story on, Flickr Founders Launch Site, TechCrunch Runs Story

glitch home pageThe massively-multiplayer game “Glitch”, which is playable in the browser and built in the spirit of the web according to the website has launched their official website announcing the soon-to-launch game which will be in Private alpha shortly. 

 Though it’s most likely one heck of a coincidence, the website announcement just went online today – a day after we revealed was acquired by the former founders of Flickr for their secret project Tiny Speck. 

Our story ran on the popular Domain Industry web site

We tweeted @Stewart, one of the founders of Tiny Speck yesterday and also emailed the News Tip to TechCrunch yesterday as a follow up to their July story that discussed the Tiny Speck project. 

AND TODAY: TechCrunch’s lead story is none other than –

Tiny Speck Uncovers Glitch, A New Flash-Based Massively Multiplayer Game

A quality backlink from a web site like TechCrunch never hurts, but unfortunately there was no mention of the News Tip we sent yesterday afternoon.

While it looks like the folks at CNET have been eagerly awaiting to publish their story, it seems to be quite the coincidence that after we post our story, that TechCrunch puts out the news today. 

Either way, the premise for the game looks interesting and for the seller of the domain, they made a $16,000 profit before fees.   Below is a screenshot from the Glitch Teaser video. 

glitch teaser

From the Domaining angle, there are a lot of great backstories to domain names: is another excellent example.


Blogging about Domain Names: Landing Big Sponsor National A-1 Advertising on

National A-1

While our aim is to make money developing and selling domain names, we also have a lot of interest in blogging about the industry and our own experience as domainers. 

We’re still figuring out the whole domaining thing – but we’re enjoying it. While we don’t make money full time with domain names, we spend a lot of our free time blogging about them, typically about topics that interest us as we learn more and more on how to improve the way we do things.

This week, we landed a big advertiser on our website:  National A-1 Advertising, one of the most talked-about and most exciting domain companies — who own some of the best properties on the web like,,, and literally thousands more of the same top caliber.

National A-1 is in a rare class of Domain-related companies who certainly bring buzz and attention to the industry. 

It’s a very generous sponsorship and we are grateful for it. 

And a BIG THANKS goes to Francois for his fantastic platform ( that allows domainers to reach out to the masses.

If you have a premium name – not just a great name – for sale, National A-1 offers top dollar.


Funny Domain Names Owned by Tucows

pho shizzleIf you ever thought you owned some funny domain names, you should check out some of’s domains. 

Here are some we found:,,,,,,, and the list goes on.

As their site says, if you search and don’t see that perfect domain you’re looking for, there’s no need to panic. They’ll do a custom free search, and chances are they’ll find it.

They’ve also got some great names if you do searches, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and hundreds of more.

They also own some “Domain” names.