Facebook registers domains for something called “FB Origin”

This week, the social networking giant Facebook registered several domains for something called "FB Origin" ranging from dot-com to dot-biz. On the same day the company held a media event where it unveiled 60 new apps that you can add to your timeline, Facebook registered fborigin.com, … [Read more...]

Defendant in Lanham Act lawsuit turns over dozens of domains to Facebook

Back in July, Facebook filed a lawsuit in United States District Court seeking the cancelling of typosquatter domains that infringed on its trademarks, as well as damages and other relief against a number of defendants. In the case of Facebook, Inc. v. Cyber2Media, Inc. et al, Facebook alleged … [Read more...]

Disney’s Playdom developing ‘City of Warfare’ game? Trademarks filed

According to four trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it appears Disney's Playdom is developing a new social game called 'City of Warfare' to expand upon its City-franchise. If it's anything like Playdom's other games, which includes 'City of Wonder', chances are … [Read more...]

Facebook forming a political action committee? Registers fbpac.org, fbpac.us

Is Facebook officially forming a political action committee (PAC) in order to influence federal elections?   It looks like Facebook may be taking the first steps ahead of the 2012 elections, as the company has registered the domain names fbpac.org and fbpac.us. Other software giants have … [Read more...]

What is Facebook’s plan with its newest domain registration: FBFeedback.com?

So what is behind Facebook's newest domain registration, FBFeedback.com? While there's no website online, and Facebook already has a Help center for gathering suggestions and feedback, there is something more to it.  In addition to purchasing the domain FBFeedback.com, the social networking … [Read more...]

WIPO Roundup: Google, Autotrader, Wikimedia, and other interesting disputes

Nearly 1,000 domain disputes have been filed with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, since the beginning of 2011, with many cases getting attention across the web like the case of Facebook which filed a complaint over 21 separate domains and won.    Here's a look at some of the … [Read more...]

Cityville app is oh-so-close to 100 million monthly active users (Domain bought for only $38,000)

Cityville, the popular social game developed by Zynga, is very close to reaching 100 million monthly active users.  According to the latest stats from application trends and metrics tracker Appdata, Cityville has reached 98,798,539 monthly active users and is set to be the first game in history … [Read more...]

Predictions on the next Facebook game title by Zynga

With Zynga's latest Facebook game Cityville topping the charts as the most popular Facebook game in 2010, I thought I'd offer up a few predictions on Zynga's next blockbuster game title in 2011.  With Cityville, Farmville, and Frontierville numbering daily users in the millions, one can only guess … [Read more...]

$38,000 domain sold in June at Moniker, now the most popular Facebook application

After selling for $38,225 in June at Moniker, CityVille is now bigger than FarmVille, Mashable is reporting.   Referring to the latest statistics provided by Appdata, a site that tracks Facebook application metrics, Cityville surpassed Farmville and the Facebook game now has nearly 17 million … [Read more...]