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It’s been only a month since Aron Meystedt of acquired the category-killer domain name

So what’s in store for one of the hottest gadgets and domain names on the market?

Bill Kara of Hallpass Media whose casual game network receives over 3.5 million visitors monthly, suggested back in early November on Fusible that “should make a comparison engine and do some peer rankings to really get the SEO juice going.   I don’t think a blog is the best use of this type of domain IMO…”, he commented.

Aron responded that the blog is just temporary, and plans were underway for a comparsion engine and more. 

If you’ve visited recently, you’ll know the search is on for writers to write reviews, articles, news, buying advice, information and more.  Literally, anything about tablets.

Whatever site is ultimately launched, right now continues to show up on page 1 of Google for the search phrase ‘tablets’, and ranks above Apple, Amazon, RadioShack, Best Buy and other popular sites that sell tablets.


Group buying is hot, just not the domain name:

group buying

Back in mid October I wrote about up for auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C Miami with a reserve range of $100,000+ .  Although group buying is one of the hottest industries right now, the domain name didn’t sell at auction. 

As I also mentioned in the story – if one thing is certain, it’s that group buying start-ups don’t need category-killing names to be successful.  Start ups in the group buying space have their share of success stories, despite not having what many might call “great domains”. 

While certainly describes its industry, the phrase “group buying” is not something you would expect consumers to search on when seeking out bargains and deals online.

According to Goolge’s AdWords: Keyword tool, the exact monthly search volume [globally] for the keywords ‘group buying’ was less than 3,000 searches.  Meanwhile ‘deal of the day’ had over 40,000 searches in the same timeframe, ‘daily deals’ had 27,100 searches and ‘hot deals’ raked in over 90,000 searches globally.

The group buying industry is abuzz with speculation that Google may buy GroupOn, the Chicago-based daily deal web site that launched in late 2008 – and is valued over $3 billion. 

But the news most likely won’t help the chances of selling for a six-figure asking price, but other relevant domain names in the ‘daily deal’ space could certainly benefit.

While ‘group buying’ is a hot buzzword, it’s not the case with consumers.


The Perks of Writing a Blog about Domain Names


You can read blogs about the domain industry, however, if you spend the time to write a blog about the domain industry, there are quite a few perks that often get overlooked.  Of course, getting long term sponsors like National A-1 and Domain Tools is a big plus, but the list of perks goes much further than just sponsorships.

Running a blog gives you a chance to promote your own products and services to a relevant, targeted audience.  With your own website, you have the power to market all you want.  While the idea is not to make every post a product pitch, readers who are on your site might find your writing interesting enough to browse around. 

When you can’t find an advertiser to fill a spot, you can create your own ads for your own products and services.  Beyond this, you can fill up spots with third-party ads like Google adsense or search out relevant affiliate offers that are tailored to your audience – such as discounts on domain registrations.

You can connect with readers, domainers, developers, and other people within the domain and marketing industry quickly who are willing to share advice and opinions.  I’ve had a chance to chat with Stephen Douglas, Bill Kara, Andrew Rosener, Shane Cultra, and a number of people in the domain industry.  Despite being anonymous, lots of people find the content acceptable.  Sure, it’s hard to build up trust when you’re anonymous, but people build up trust through their writing also, not just throug their name.

I started this blog in September 2009 and thanks to Francois Carillo (Cybertonic), I was able to quickly reach an audience by getting listed on his widely read website.  As a result of the listing, traffic to Fusible soared from 0 visitors in September to over 20,000 unique visitors per month.  The site has been mentioned in The Guardian, Calvin Ayre, and on a number of well-respected domain industry blogs.

To blog or not to blog?
If you’ve got a domain blog and you’re looking to reach an audience, I’d highly recommend getting set up on  The set up fee is well worth it.

If you enjoy writing about domain names, you owe it to yourself to get a blog up and running.  It’s basically on the job training that gives you a chance to learn about the industry by writing about it.

Some might argue that blogging is a waste of time, but if you really enjoy it, you can reap a lot of benefits, even if it’s not all money.