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Zynga registers slew of domain names following announcement of new games

Dream Zoo

On the day Zynga announced a “gaggle of new social games“, it registered well over 150 domain names as part of its intellectual property strategy.

The defensive domain registrations center around Project Z, Castleville, Zynga Bingo, Zynga Casino, Hidden Chronicles, Dream Zoo and Mafia Wars 2.

The domains include typical defensive registrations like and, but among the list of names are hints of other games for its newly created Zynga Casino franchise such as,,, and

The names also point to which devices and platforms the new games may be available on such as ZyngaBingoGoogleplus and

It’s unknown whether Zynga owns the matching names to each new game like, which The Domains wrote about yesterday.  As Mike Berkens noted in the article, the domain was registered to someone in Shangha China using until August 8th, when it went under privacy at  The name has now transferred name servers from to as of today, signalling a website may be unveiled shortly, as well as the owner.

Over the last year Zynga has improved its domain buying methods in order to keep its unreleased games a secret, including using a generic Yahoo! email address when registering names.

Here’s the full list of domains Zynga registered through the brand protection company MarkMonitor.

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Zynga uses a defensive buying strategy for Mafia Wars 2 domain names

Mafia Wars 2

As Zynga announced Mafia Wars 2, it went on a buying spree of Mafia Wars 2 domain names, registering over 75 web addresses on September 20, through the registrar MarkMonitor.

The domains range from to, and to

Because of the sheer number of names registered, I have listed them separately here.

In early September, Zynga went on a similar buying spree for Kingdoms and Quests domains.

Zynga does own, which is official web site of the sequel to Mafia Wars.  Like many of its domain names, it’s registered at MarkMonitor, a brand protection company regularly used by many large companies.

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