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Microsoft files trademark for “Avatar Motocross Madness” game [UPDATED]

Avatar Motocross Madness

Microsoft Corporation filed a trademark application on April 5, 2012, for “Avatar Motocross Madness” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The goods and services in the trademark filing (Serial Number: 85590644) cover “Game software” and “Providing a website featuring information in the field of games and home entertainment; entertainment services, namely, providing online video games”.

Motocross Madness was first released by Microsoft Games back in 1998 for the PC, followed by a sequel in 2000.

Based on the title, “Avatar Motocross Madness”, it sounds like Microsoft may be releasing Motocross Madness on the Xbox 360 and allow you to create and use your own avatar in the game with the Kinect.

As of today, Microsoft has made no announcement regarding “Avatar Motocross Madness”.

UPDATE: As MCV reports, “Two screenshots posted to PlayXBLA have been released in effort to tease the new title ahead of its reveal during Microsoft’s E3 press conference.”

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Microsoft files trademark for “People Powered Stories”, more Google bashing?

People Powered Stories

Since Google announced changes to its privacy policies, it has come under an onslaught of criticism from all directions including rivals. 

Microsoft has already taken aim at Google with its “Putting People First” advertising campaign and a YouTube video called “Gmail Man”.

Now it looks like Microsoft may have something more in store for Google in the coming days, something that is powered by everyday people.

On January 31, 2012, Microsoft Corporation filed a trademark application (Serial Number: 85530034) for “People Powered Stories”.  And as the phrase and trademark description suggest, Microsoft may launch an advertising campaign that is supplied by user-generated content.

The goods and services covered by the trademark filing cover two categories:

Advertising and marketing services; Advertising consultation; Providing information in the field of advertising

Providing online, non-downloadable software and tools for creating advertisements that include user-generated feedback and content

As of today, Microsoft has made no announcement as to its plans for “People Powered Stories” and no website exists.

One thing also to note with the filing is there no first-use date reported, indicating that Microsoft has not started using the mark.

[Update 2 on Feb. 14, 2012:.  Microsoft officially announced People Powered Stories, a new social advertising solution.]

[Update 1 on Feb. 5, 2012:.  A resident of China registered the domain name (Whois) shortly after this story ran.]

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