Electronic Arts adds Battlefield.net to its arsenal of killer domains as it prepares to battle Modern Warfare 3

Electronic Arts (EA) already owns and operates Battlefield.com, a domain name it acquired in 2007 after using Marksmen, a service used by larger companies that describes itself as the go-to-firm for corporations who want to keep their identity and costs on the down low. EA took official ownership … [Read more...]

ModernWarfare3.com, site taken down; domain not owned by Activision

The website had reached over 7,000 Facebook Likes in the weeks following the announcement of Modern Warfare 3 and looked confusingly similar to Activision's official MW3 site.  And the site even added new features in the past couple weeks including a newsletter for announcements, videos, pre-order … [Read more...]

ModernWarfare3.com: Cashing in on the buzz of top-selling videogame franchise

Some companies just don't get it when it comes to domain names. Back in January I wrote about Activision missing out on Modern Warfare domain names.  Though the company does own ModernWarfare2.com, the company doesn't own ModernWarfare.com and it missed out on a slew of other domain names early … [Read more...]

Activision misses out on Modern Warfare domain names, ModernWarfare4.com still hostage

There's a lot of buzz surrounding the next Call of Duty game title.  It is being rumored that Activision will be releasing its next title in November 2011, and there are plenty of gaming blogs and news sites thinking it will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, focused on a character named "Ghost" … [Read more...]