Google takes control of the domain [UPDATED]

Back in early March, Google filed a complaint (Case No. 1432449) over the domain name with the National Arbitration Forum. The complaint came shortly after the launch of its new entertainment hub Google Play. Despite a ruling not yet being published, part of the Whois … [Read more...]

Microsoft wins another case against a fake Halo 4 beta website [UPDATED]

As buzz picks up about Halo 4, Microsoft has won another domain dispute (Claim Number: FA1203001432610) this past week against a fake Halo 4 beta website, this time On April 11, 2012, a single member panel with the National Arbitration Forum ordered that the domain name … [Read more...]

Google files complaint over hundreds of domains with “Google” in the name

Google Inc. has filed one complaint (Case No. 1434643) with the National Arbitration Forum that encompasses well over 700 domains with the word "Google" in the name like and Google filed the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (UDRP) complaint this week against … [Read more...]

Google files a complaint over the domain name

Google introduced Google Play earlier this week and one of the key missing pieces for the online launch was the domain name  That's because the name has been owned by someone else and not the search engine giant for years. But Google isn't wasting any time trying to get the domain … [Read more...]

Google wins dispute over social product domain name

A panelist with the National Arbitration Forum ruled in favor of Google Inc in the company's dispute over the domain name, a name that describes its new social product Google +1 which is trying to compete with Facebook's "Like" button. Google filed the complaint against … [Read more...]