Domain King Rick Schwartz sells two more domains in the six figures, one hand registered for less $100

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It’s not often that Rick Schwartz sells a domain name or least shares the sale publicly.  Since the nineties, he has only sold a handful of names out of his portfolio of thousands.  But the total sales for those domains is in the millions.  The Domain King, who got his start in 1995, with the purchase of for $100 has sold less than 20 names.

Today Rick Schwartz announced the sale of two more domain names, each in the six figures.  The first one, according to Rick’s blog cannot be disclosed at present, but the second sale which sold for $100,000 was a name he registered early on in his domaining career: 

A name he purchased for less than $100.

These aren’t Rick’s first sales in 2010.  In April Rick sold the numeric domain for $50,000 to a Chinese buyer.

It’s unlikely most domain investors, will see the same results as Rick Schwartz, but if there’s one thing Rick Schwartz can teach you – it’s that patience pays off.