Mult-millionaire Rick Schwartz projects 40 of his hand-registered 2010 domains will rake in $4 million in next 10 yrs

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Multi-millionaire domain investor Rick Scwhartz whose biggest publicly reported sale to date is for $3M+Equity, revealed earlier today that he hand-registered nearly 3,000 (2,840 to be exact) domain names in 2010 – his most in a single year since he first started buying domain names in the early nineties.

For those of you not familiar with the term “hand registered”, basically, it means buying a domain name that isn’t registered and is available to anyone who wants it.  Instead of paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later on the aftermarket, hand registered domain names can be purchased for around $10.

About 99% of the names Rick expects won’t bring in any significant revenue, but forty of the domain names he projects will be longterm investments that will rake in $4 million in the next 10 years.

2800 of those babies may expire or have no value because it was time related or become Pigeon Shit. But the 40 others, I expect they will rake in some $4 Million over the next decade and provide a nice return. I know many of you don’t like or agree with this approach. Ok. But it is tried and true and it works for me because I have patience and look at things with an eye that combines the evolution of business with the evolution of consumers and then factor in plain old evolution. Success breeds more successes and more folks looking for success.

And 2010 isn’t over yet.  Rick hand registers domain names on a daily basis looking towards the future.  Rick writes:  “They won’t have much value in 2010. But come back in 10 years.”

How these 40 domain names will bring in $4 million in profit, is not known.  It’s a statement that many won’t believe, but if anyone can do it, Rick Schwartz can.  Remember the story of – Rick Scwhartz sold that name CNN for $750,000.  He originally hand registered the name for “$70 to $100.”  

Read more about the 2,840 hand registered domain names by Rick Schwartz on his blog.


$100MM Dollar Man, Rick Schwartz: Nine-figure domain name deal in the works


Rick Schwartz has inked some lucrative domain name sales, but as he wrote earlier today on his blog: “In the days ahead I will post about the seeds of my first NINE FIGURE deal.   Even 50% of the choir won’t see it or believe it. But at least they know not to laugh.”

Though it can’t be confirmed until the transaction is completed, Rick Schwartz has a reputation of being a straight shooter, and when he says something will happen, people and critics should listen. 

Technology blogs like TechCrunch haven’t picked up the story, but you can bet they’ll be all over the sale when it happens.

Rick Schwartz, who sold for $1.3 million, for $3M+Equity, and for $750,000, also shared insight regarding the negotations behind his past dealings (which include just 15 domain name sales). was one of my best sales.  It took about 6 months to complete. Their opening offer was $10,000. I said no to CNN many times on the way to a $750,000 cash sale. The biggest sticking point, making it public. They did not want to be laughed at for spending so much for a domain name. I assured them that would not be the case.

After a few meetings, they gave in as I would not sell without that single concession. It was worth another $750k to me in publicity and to build future sales on. This domain was the epitome of the Internet. A soapbox like no other.  Today, is in every country in the world and is one of the most recognized citizen journalist sites ever. The sale that keeps on giving to me and everyone else in the industry.

To put things in perspective, a nine-figure deal means a minimum of $100 million.  Is Rick Schwartz planning to sell one domain, part of his portfolio, or his entire portfolio?  Is he crafting something entirely different? 

There is more to this amazing story and the past sales of Rick Schwartz, so keep reading over at Rick’s Blog as the story develops.


On the heels of domain purchase, site makeover: acquires site


Matt Douglas, founder and CEO of Punchbowl, issued a press release this past week about the company’s acquisition of, an event planning web site. 

Punchbowl was in the news in September, after the company finally announced its purchase of the domain name from domain investor Rick Schwartz – a domain name that had re-directed to the company’s original domain for nearly a year.

Though the price tag of isn’t clearly known, what is known is that it’s likely a multiple six figure deal.  Last year, Rick Schwartz wrote in one of his blog posts about the pending sale of to MyPunchBowl: ‘In the not too distant future I will be announcing my 12th domain sale is Another multiple 6 figure deal plus other considerations. There should be a press release forthcoming and the buyer will decide how much of this to go public with as there will be a confidentially clause .’

2010 appears to be exciting times for Punchbowl software as the company continues to grow. 

Here’s a look at the company latest press release:, the one-stop site for start to finish party planning, today announced the acquisition of, a site for party planning and event management. With the transaction, Punchbowl has acquired key assets and technology from Socializr Inc. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition of the domain and a fresh, new look for the site. In addition, the company recently unwrapped the unparalleled Digital Invitation Studio-a beautiful collection of free, pre-packaged online stationery sets for events and celebrations, complete with invitations, envelopes, liners, rubber stamps, and postage.

Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, a pioneer in social networking, launched Socializr as an event management platform that combined customized event invitations with a social networking component. Socializr customers have embraced the site for its ease of use and social media integration.

“Joining forces with Punchbowl allows us to provide Socializr customers with a more comprehensive event management solution,” said Jonathan Abrams, Founder, Socializr. “We’re thrilled to help Punchbowl grow and accelerate the business.”

With more than one million registered users, Punchbowl is the leader in start to finish party planning. Punchbowl offers a modern, effortless way to plan an unforgettable celebration with party planning features including customizable online invitations, potluck organization, gift registries, local party vendors, and much more. The site is ideal for planning birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas parties, and even Thanksgiving dinner.

“Expanding our reach with the acquisition of Socializr will accelerate the growth of our company,” said Matt Douglas, CEO, Punchbowl. “We are excited to welcome Socializr customers to Punchbowl just in time for the holiday party planning season.”


Domain King Rick Schwartz sells two more domains in the six figures, one hand registered for less $100

Sydney Hotels

It’s not often that Rick Schwartz sells a domain name or least shares the sale publicly.  Since the nineties, he has only sold a handful of names out of his portfolio of thousands.  But the total sales for those domains is in the millions.  The Domain King, who got his start in 1995, with the purchase of for $100 has sold less than 20 names.

Today Rick Schwartz announced the sale of two more domain names, each in the six figures.  The first one, according to Rick’s blog cannot be disclosed at present, but the second sale which sold for $100,000 was a name he registered early on in his domaining career: 

A name he purchased for less than $100.

These aren’t Rick’s first sales in 2010.  In April Rick sold the numeric domain for $50,000 to a Chinese buyer.

It’s unlikely most domain investors, will see the same results as Rick Schwartz, but if there’s one thing Rick Schwartz can teach you – it’s that patience pays off.