On the heels of domain purchase, site makeover: Punchbowl.com acquires site Socializr.com

Matt Douglas, founder and CEO of Punchbowl, issued a press release this past week about the company's acquisition of Socializr.com, an event planning web site.¬† Punchbowl was in the news in September, after the company finally announced its purchase of the domain name Punchbowl.com from domain … [Read more...]

Rick Schwartz’ domain names come with a hefty price tag – PunchBowl.com

While the amount of the price tag for PunchBowl.com sold by Rick Schwartz¬†is undisclosed, it is almost certain that the final sales price is a multiple 6 figure deal plus other considerations. Multiple 6 figure deal + other considerations likely means some sort of long term deal that includes a … [Read more...]