Mult-millionaire Rick Schwartz projects 40 of his hand-registered 2010 domains will rake in $4 million in next 10 yrs

Multi-millionaire domain investor Rick Scwhartz whose biggest publicly reported sale to date is for $3M+Equity, revealed earlier today that he hand-registered nearly 3,000 (2,840 to be exact) domain names in 2010 - his most in a single year since he first started buying domain names in the … [Read more...]

$100MM Dollar Man, Rick Schwartz: Nine-figure domain name deal in the works

Rick Schwartz has inked some lucrative domain name sales, but as he wrote earlier today on his blog: "In the days ahead I will post about the seeds of my first NINE FIGURE deal.   Even 50% of the choir won’t see it or believe it. But at least they know not to laugh." Though it can't be confirmed … [Read more...]

Rick Schwartz’ domain names come with a hefty price tag –

While the amount of the price tag for sold by Rick Schwartz is undisclosed, it is almost certain that the final sales price is a multiple 6 figure deal plus other considerations. Multiple 6 figure deal + other considerations likely means some sort of long term deal that includes a … [Read more...]