Instead of filing a legal dispute, Tumblr buys the domain name

Not all domain name registrations that infringe on a popular trademark end in legal dispute...some end in a pay day for the owner.   That's what happened with the domain name this week. On December 14, switched owners from Kevin Marsh of Ohio to the tenth largest social … [Read more...]

Tumblr registers nearly two dozen more domain names like

Tumblr has been doing something unusual this past week - registering new domain names. The social networking company which has been on the rise, only owned a handful of names according to WHOIS records prior to this past week, but now has added almost two dozen domains ranging from … [Read more...]

Is Tumblr working on a secret yet-to-be-revealed project called Seltzer?

Tumblr is continuing its rise in the social media ranks, with milestones such as President Obama's campaign for 2012 experimenting with the platform. Now, it appears Tumblr is getting ready to roll out something new called Seltzer. Several private domain name registrations were made this … [Read more...]